Discussion of CaveXML issues takes place via the CaveXML Majordomo mailing list at the address cavexml@uis-speleo.org. Only subscribers can post to this list. To subscribe, send an email like so:

To: majordomo@uis-speleo.org
Subject: (your choice - used only to identify it in your mailbox)
In the email body: subscribe cavexml Firstname FamilyName <your@subscription.address>
(Please include the < > brackets around your email address)

A subscription confirmation request will then be emailed to you by the list at that address.

Web Interface to the Mailing-List Archives

A web interface and archive (created by Hypermail) provides easy access to the past discussions. Recently this web interface accessed discussion only up to December 2002, but now we have the balance up until we lost the server in late 2003.