We want to thank all who have helped, both in organization and discussion, to contribute to the effort in establishing a UIS CaveXML standard. We do apologize if we have overlooked anyone. The following people have helped so far. (** indicates a new person or email address at the last update.)

Olly Betts, UK
Ben Cooper, UK
Bill Frantz, US
Ken Grimes, AU
John Halleck, US
Ralph Hartley, US
Martin Heller, CH
Paul Hill, US
Richard Knapp, US (Off-line until 2005-07-25) **
Devin Kouts, US
Mike Lake, AU
Don Lance*, US
Martin Laverty, UK
Peter Matthews, AU
Stefan Näff, CH
Andreas Neumann, CH
Alexander Nickolsky, RU
Garry Petrie, US
Jérôme Ravier, FR
Roger Schuster, DE
Martin Sluka, CZ
Ed Stevenhagen, NL
Robert Thrun, US
Julian Todd, UK
Guido Verhoeven, BE **

* It was Don's original posting in Cavers Digest 5699 which triggered the formation of this Working Group.

And let's not forget the earlier pre-XML work on cave data exchange formats including (and there are no doubt others):

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